Community Awareness and Safety Courses


This prerequisite is a must for any college bound student.

WCMAA is proud to announce that we are running self defense seminars aimed at young women leaving the safety of home and heading for college.

Sabumnim Scott Brigham, our Tae Kwon Do Head instructor taught a group of young College bound ladies in a in-depth 2+ hour course on February 25th.

The seminar was a great success. They learned valuable lessons on how to be aware, alert and safe away from home.

We are offering these seminars for private groups. All we ask is you have a minimum of five individuals, each class will last 2 ½ hours and will cost $35 per person. Call the office to found available times slots and available instructors.

You can pick from our safety courses we have developed or feel free to let us know your concerns and we would be glad to custom tailor a program to fit your needs.

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