Tactical Awareness Systems

“Creating a Way where there is No Way”

Tactical Awareness Systems (TAS) offers an answer to today’s senseless crimes of physical violence by providing the tools, skill sets and intent necessary to avoid, evade, neutralize or go through a threat. The program develops your body, mind and spirit to deal with multiple threat levels in a multitude of scenarios in a high level training atmosphere. TAS develops these skill sets though specific fighting systems, each system is focused on different Ranges, Energies, Weapons, and Intent.

Kuntao Arnis Baguazhang

  • Saturday


  • “Kuntao” This system is the expression of various Chinese Kung Fu systems. This system gives you the tools to understand explosive entries, impacts, free expression of movement and animal intent.
  • “Arnis” This system teaches to respect and understand the use of weapons. This program has 3 categories: Rigid, Flexible and Edge weapons and teaches to deal with higher threat levels.
  • “Baguazhang” also known as the “Eight Trigram Palm” is the advanced portion of this system and focuses on smooth coiling, uncoiling and spiraling movements that develops explosive, rapid, continuous, 360 degree power.
  • Tactical Awareness Systems is extremely intense and demanding, and is open only through invitation.

HEAD INSTRUCTOR Shihan Steve Schwartz

Shihan Steven SchwartzShihan Schwartz was born and raised in New York. At a very young age his parents recognized his high energy and decided to channel and focus it through the Martial Arts. He was 8 years old when first enrolled in Karate and then later joined Kung Fu, Boxing, and Kick Boxing. At the age of 15 his family relocated from New York to Sarasota, Florida where he started as a white belt again and enrolled at West Coast Martial Arts Academy and trained with the former Head Instructor Hanshi Steven Roensch for the next 20 years.

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