Savate French Kickboxing

Savate takes its name from the French for "slipper" or "old shoe". Its history traces back as far as the 1800’s, with French sailors who fought on ships during long ocean voyages. The style was based on kicking for long range and power, while using the arms for counter-balance due to the unstable foundation the ocean created.

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  • Saturday 11:00 – 12:00

At West Coast Martial Arts Academy we offer three different categories of Savate

  1. The Assault: light contact and controlled strikes, knockouts are not allowed during sparring.
  2. The Combat: heavy contact with the objection to knockout the opponent during sparring.
  3. The Savate de Rue: street application.

The Assaut, as well as the Combat, are the sport aspects of the system; which work the principles of timing, footwork, rhythm, and proper techniques for the ring. The strikes consist of closed fists and foot kicks while not allowing the use of knees, elbows, and shin kicks.

Savate, however, like most Martial Arts did not start out as a sport, but was a form of self-defense used on the streets of Paris and Marseille. This style of Savate was known as "Savate de Rue" and would use the entire body as a weapon. This system of Savate is very devastating and uses the principles of linear movement, penetrating power, piercing strikes, and fast almost blinding speed. This system has no boundaries. It utilizes knees, elbows, head butts, finger spears, sweeps, take downs, joint locks, and throws as well as bladed and blunt weapons.

At West Coast Martial Arts Academy we proudly teach all three aspects of this rare style.


  • Le Salut (salute)
  • La Garde (guard)
  • Direct du Bras Avant ( jab)
  • Direct du Bras Arriere (cross)
  • Crochet (hooks)
  • Chasse Frontal et Lateral (front and side kicks)
  • Fouette (roundhouse kick aka "whip")
  • Revers Frontal et Lateral (crescent and hook kicks)
  • Coup de Pied Bas de Frappe (low kicks/sweeps)

Principles and elements

  • Flexibility
  • Total Core Power
  • Springing Power
  • Piercing Power
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Range Control
  • Direct and Linear Striking
  • Angles and Acceleration
  • Eye and Foot Coordination
  • Eye and Hand Coordination

Savate is a complete system offering fitness and self-defense; while taught in a safe, controlled environment that promotes understanding both physically and mentally.

HEAD INSTRUCTOR Shihan Steve Schwartz

Shihan Steven SchwartzShihan Schwartz was born and raised in New York. At a very young age his parents recognized his high energy and decided to channel and focus it through the Martial Arts. He was 8 years old when first enrolled in Karate and then later joined Kung Fu, Boxing, and Kick Boxing. At the age of 15 his family relocated from New York to Sarasota, Florida where he started as a white belt again and enrolled at West Coast Martial Arts Academy and trained with the former Head Instructor Hanshi Steven Roensch for the next 20 years.

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