“Wise Guys” Adult Boxing and Fitness

This is a wonderful fitness program taught through American Boxing, designed for men and women alike who want to get healthy both mentally and physically. Wise Guys Adult Boxing is for people of age 40 and up, and was developed for this age group to get like-minded people together who do not wish to get punched, spar, or train for competition.

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  • Tuesday 12:00 – 1:00

We focus strictly on coordination, flexibility, core strengthening, and overall muscle and bone strengthening to create a great cardio workout and encourage overall excellent fitness. Classes are held during the day, for moms and dads that drop their children off at school, adults that work nights in the service industries, as well as retirees. This class caters to students of all walks of life and is taught at a pace that will ensure you won’t feel lost or overwhelmed. This is a wonderful way to get the day started and relieve the stress of the day, or the week for that matter.

Wise Guys Adult Boxing is a great opportunity to socialize with like-minded people who want to get out of the house, get fit, learn a new skill, and blow off some steam. We developed this program for people of age 40 and up because we found that most people avoid Martial Arts because of the old excuse that you are “too old”, excuse the pun! We feel you are never too old to benefit from the “sweet science” of Boxing.

Included in this program:

  1. Stance and Rhythm
  2. Footwork Drills
  3. Learning the Ranges
  4. Physics of Punching
  5. Developing the Jab
  6. Proper Punch Mechanics
  7. Defense and Counters
  8. Angles, Acceleration, and Timing
  9. Combining 1-8 together
  10. Endurance of Flow

This program offers an endless amount of combinations and will benefit both genders. You will be challenged, enhanced, and never bored!


Sensei Alex MeadI started training in Seido Karate when I was 11, and trained for approximately 2 years before moving out of the area. When I was 14 I began playing soccer and rugby for my high school, which continued until I was 18 and relocated from the UK to Sarasota. I played a little rugby for Sarasota county until the team disbanded and I had to find another high energy pastime. I decided to enroll at West Coast Martial Arts later that year… Read More

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